Animus The Tell Tale Heart 2015 VostFR

Date de sortie :16 August 2015
Réalisateur : Ray Rudy
Avec : Caroline Amiguet, Jonathan Baker, Leroy Barrett
Genre : Action, Adventure, Thriller
Nationalité :USA

The movie focuses on a young man named John Campbell, who sets out to uncover the truth about his missing life, and newfound abilities. Poway, CA. 1994, a young boy is reported missing; which marks the beginning of an extraordinary mystery. His father, a respected Government Scientist was reported missing less than a year prior to the disappearance of his son. The disappearances of the father and son stirred up speculations all leading to dead ends. Eventually both cases were dropped and classified as Cold Cases/Unsolved Mysteries. Two decades later the boy who is now a man reappears with no prior recollection of who he is, and empowered with supernatural abilities. He then soon realizes that he is being hunted by an unknown rogue agency called ‘ANiMUS’.